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This 4-hour class is designed to meet the needs of parents who are raising children in separate households, whether those parents are still married, are separated or divorced, or were never married. It is also appropriate for grandparents, step-parents and other caregivers. Participants will leave the class with increased knowledge of developmental factors that affect children.

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What you will learn:

  • How to help your children adjust during separation and/or divorce
  • How to reduce co-parenting conflict
  • About different co-parenting styles
  • The parenting skills that buffer children from risk
  • What to include in a parenting plan
  • How mediation can help you create a parenting plan

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* as of June 18, 2016

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Continuing Legal Education


Date: January 27, 2017
Location: Self-Help Center
122 N Elm St. Greensboro, NC 27401

Crimmigration: An Introduction to Criminal Immigration Outline

I. Introduction and Vocabulary
II. Responsibilities of Criminal Defense Counsel and the Court
III. Crimmigration
-Inadmissibility versus Deportability
-Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude
-Controlled Substance Offenses
-Aggravated Felonies
-Crimes of Domestic Violence, Child Abuse and Stalking
-Firearms Offenses

Mental Health Risk Associated with the Law Profession

1. Examine mental health issues associated with the practice of Law
2. Look at how the profession might be an impetus to mental health issues or concerns.
3. The presentation will define emotional issues related to the occupation of law such as but not limited to– anxiety, depression, precarious trauma, Stress and anger—signs and symptoms, relationship problems .
4. Examine the importance of self-awareness, balance, self-care and reaching out for professional help when needed—knowing when it is needed.
5. Examine preventative/self-care strategies one might use as a means of ensuring good mental health while working in a stressful occupation.


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